Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – Bridge Renovation

Bridging Design and Healthcare

Founded at the turn of the 20th century as one of the world’s first hospitals specializing in pediatric and adolescent healthcare, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) has created hope and built healthier futures for children, teens, young adults and families for over 120 years.

CHLA’s sprawling campus in East Hollywood is staffed by more than 6,500 employees and 900 physicians, who provide care for more than a half-million patients each year. As one of the busiest hospitals in Southern California, CHLA cannot easily close portions of its facilities to allow for maintenance and renovation work, and any work must be done carefully to avoid disruptions in operations.

The multi-level hospital at CHLA connects with a large medical office building via a connecting bridge between the two facilities. This elevated passageway provides an essential route for hundreds of physicians, nurses and staff to quickly access both buildings. Over time, this bridge suffered damage by passing vehicles and deterioration by water intrusion.

CHLA contracted GDG Healthcare Architects when the hospital needed an architectural design firm to salvage this critical passageway. Working closely with Coffman Engineers, the GDG team assessed the cause of deterioration to the bridge and proposed a solution that would enable uninterrupted passage between the two buildings. GDG’s proposal included a tunnel through the 116-foot-long bridge that included lighting, ventilation, fire sprinklers and peek holes for natural lighting. This allowed pedestrian traffic to safely move through the tunnel, while replacement and repairs could begin on the main bridge structure, including replacement of the entire roof.

Slated for completion in 2024, the CHLA bridge will provide a fully lighted interior space with all-new finish materials and aesthetic details. GDG even designed several alcove seating spaces that allow staff to use the bridge as a meditative space away from the noise and stress of the hospital or office environments.

“Renovating fully occupied healthcare facilities requires a creative approach to accommodate facility needs without disrupting essential services. With decades of solving hospital needs, GDG understands the complex environments of healthcare facilities. Our clients appreciate that we can offer solutions early in the design process to avoid construction delays and ensure seamless operations.”

– Jesse Given


By The Numbers

Location:   Los Angeles
Type of Project GAC
Project duration Anticipated completion in 2024.
Total Square Footage 1,608 Sq. Ft. interior space plus 1,200 sq. ft. exterior
Additional Partners: Coffman Engineers (Engineering); Intertek (Waterproofing Services)
Project Cost $1,050,300

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