The GDG Difference

At GDG, we offer truly turnkey service to our clients. By combining our extensive experience and specialty in healthcare architecture with our ability to take a project from the earliest conceptual phase through to completion, GDG offers complete 360-degree design solutions.

While other architectural firms often deliver only on the design aspects of a healthcare facility project, GDG oversees the entire project, including planning, permitting, engineering and construction.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge of the procedures, permitting and design requirements that are unique to HCAI, and taking a hands-on approach by our experienced team of architects, GDG simplifies the process of building, modifying and expanding healthcare facilities throughout California.

Our Commitment


GDG is committed to reshaping the look and functionality of medical and healthcare facilities in California. We take a personal responsibility in delivering exceptional work that is on-budget and on-time, but also serves our client’s needs and never loses sight of the patient’s experience.


Our unique value is efficiency. GDG is revolutionizing the process of healthcare architecture by integrating the planning, design, permitting and construction aspects – all overseen by our experienced team. While this unique process improves the final result by ensuring the original vision of our design remains intact, ultimately our approach is designed to make the process – start to finish – easy for our clients.


Through a uniquely collaborative approach and our complete dedication to healthcare architecture, GDG is adept at decoding the complex nature of HCAI regulations and delivering turnkey design solutions. Our construction documents are designed specifically for rapid review and approval, and our team includes staff members who are solely dedicated to helping keep the lines of communication open and flowing through the entire project.


Inspiration is the heart of our business, and we at GDG are passionate and inspired about the ability of great architecture and design to impact our community and improve the healthcare experience.